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2030 SDG's game IB Collaborative Science Project: 'Sustainability Village' Event

Collaborative science project

Using the 'SDG alive' simulation, we fulfil all of the criteria for the

International Baccalaureate Collaborative Science Project. 

Let us take care of your CSP with a transformative one-day event immersing your student’s in the world of sustainable development.

This is not just a game it's a holistic learning journey.

what you get ... 

Two facilitators come to you

To deliver a simulation

That encapsulates 3 layers of life:

the human needs for survival,

the advantage of education,

life's greatest hustler ... the element of 'chance'.

SDG Wheel_Transparent_WEB.png

what we need ... 

"We at kudizi support the UN SDG's "

A room large enough for the group with projector screen, magnetic white board, table at the front

tables and chairs for the group

An area for movement (can be another space)

A side table area for some activities 

Members of science staff to assist in the activities 

SDG 9: Innovation
SDG12: Responsible consumption
SDG 6: Access to clean water

Online Follow-up Materials
Extend the impact of SDG Alive
with comprehensive online resources.
Participants can delve into supplementary materials that reinforce the concepts explored during the event.

Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future! 
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"We at kudizi support the UN SDG's"

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