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what's on March 2023 onwards

For students 

Internal Assessment
still completing your internal assessment and need help?

In need of help organising your revision, life, future, we can help. 

Exam preparation
we can create a bespoke 12 hour tuition course for you to cover the syllabus at speed yet thoroughly. In this time you will know what you need to know and practice exam papers and answering to gain marks. 

For schools 

Professional Development


We visit your school and engage your team in an interactive card-game, which simulates the real world.


Players interact to create a world, and through the process learn more about themselves and society. The game unveils the complex issues with human nature that can hinder and help sustainability. 

The game is great for team building, ice breaking, and makes a good starter for a new academic year, allowing your educators to work together to build a cohesive strong conscious workforce. 

For teachers 

Personal 1:1 support

sometimes you just need someone to bounce an idea off, support you in a project, help see a way through a behavioural problem.


we will walk you through your journey of becoming a well rounded educator 


contact us! 

Contact Us

Thank you and you will hear from us ASAP

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