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what's on March 2022 onwards


Organising Revision

sometimes a little support is all you need, right? 

we are here to help! 

1:1 mentoring support to get you organised and help you stay on track


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Internal Assessment

still completing your internal assessment?


now more than ever this is worth getting right, right?

need help?

need advice before turning it in?

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Change Your Grade

Change your grade 

12 hours of intensive learning

 embedding course content through application to exam technique

tailored for you using a diagnostic exam paper prepared by IB examiners

Maths AA

SL 30/1 May paper 1 prep

SL 7/8 May paper 2 prep


7/8 May SL

14/15 May HL


30/1 May SL

7/8 May HL


Personal 1:1 Care

sometimes you just need something explaining from a topic, right?

sometimes you need the whole thing!


we will walk you through your journey of learning


contact us! 

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