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about kudizi

'sound roots support a mighty oak'

we are a team of experienced educators, passionate about making learning and teaching easy, experiential and sustainable

what people say
Teacher and Student

You knew I could do it. You didn't let me believe otherwise. Your belief in me and the way you explained things in a funny, energetic and clear way really made it stick. I can't believe I made it to university. Your belief got me here. Thank you so much!

Teacher and Student

You made learning easy. I never felt like I couldn't ask the same question over again. 


 I just don't know why this stuff has not been explained to me like that before, it's so simple now!

Thank you so much! I am confident I can get a level 7 in my IB Biology now.  

Kudizi is an education organisation made up of highly skilled educational professionals who consistently bringing passion and dedication to their teaching, mentoring and educational work. 

At kudizi we know that amazing teachers love their learners as much as they love their subjects! Our students flourish due to our comprehensive initial assessment.


Making links between emotional wellbeing, mental health and personality we assess gaps in topic knowledge and individual learning needs.


The team of educators at kudizi works with students and our tutors to provide a clear pathway for learning.


Every one of our educators places the heart and mind of the learner first. Student wellbeing is our priority and expertise. We know with a firm foundation in confidence and happiness, learners can excel past their own expectations. Our dynamic highly experienced, professional team has an abundance of skills to get the most out of every learner. With care we match our teachers to specific learners for absolute success. 

Every educator has proven success of over 15 years of teaching experience in their subject and with

IB, A level, IGCSE ad GCSE.

Our team of tutors are made up of examiners, subject coordinators and advanced skills teachers within prestigious schools and working for government education all around Europe. 

We offer a range of courses and programmes to educators and to schools looking for effective

professional development 

offering personal, departmental  or whole school development 

At kudizi we understand that Learning can only take place when mental health and emotional wellbeing are nurtured and supported in all individuals. 

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