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We offer three simulations, each one is a reflective opportunity to highlight any personal blocks to sustainability, and reflect on these as a collective. Together we can secure a bright sustainable global future for all!

"This is a journey everyone should be taking ...
an immersive experience
within the SDG's
to understand the actions that we can all take
to become part of the solution"

SDG 6: Access Clean Water

The  simulations  represent the real world.

You start with very little

and run projects completing tasks to earn time money and values. 

In the 'SDG alive' you earn the right to education, 

solve hands on puzzles and use your scientific knowledge and survival skills

to overcome difficulties. 

All of this while engaging directly with the  UN’s SDG’s

securing a thriving world balancing 

 people planet and profit

Could you make your village thrive? 

Also Check out our IB Collaborative Science Project.

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