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chart of UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Game
Welcome to Kudizi
Educators for a
hopeful world

We run simulations  providing a 

lens through which to understand sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals


We facilitate reflection

to highlight personal barriers to change

Together we can  secure our

bright sustainable global future!

book a simulation today!

Let our testimonials tell you the rest 

For businesses and schools 

We come to you

facilitating a simulation to suit your needs

and deliver a deep understanding of the UN SDGs

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"We at kudizi support the UN Sustainable Development Goals"


100% left having raised their level of understanding of sustainability

90%  spoke about a desire to change their behaviour in the world 

When asked to reflect on their day in the simulation

The simulation's success relied on teamwork, leadership, and strategy.

During the game we had to work on projects in order to balance economy, environment, and society, leading to sustainability.

I reflected upon how we must balance these three to achieve the overall goal of sustainability, however that this will not be an easy task for humanity.


Niko, Greece

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