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IB Collaborative Science Project

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

At Leysin American School, kudizi facilitated the collaborative science project where students immersed themselves in a transformative day of role play, redefining the traditional Group 4 Day. Focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), participants navigated poverty challenges through the SDG2030sgame and SDGvillage. The day emphasized interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and a global perspective. Noteworthy were the captivating "game changers" challenges to be solved with scientific principles, along with hands-on natural disaster scenarios fostering practical problem-solving and teamwork. Students' reflections highlighted the profound impact, emphasizing the value of creativity and teamwork in addressing global challenges within the evolved Collaborative Sciences Project framework.

The game was facilitated by providers of sustainable business education for a hopeful world

Here are some of their comments and reflections:

"The part of the day which I was particularly fond of would be when we participated in the games regarding the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which I have already been familiar with, due to the fact that allowed me to approach them from a different angle as well as truly comprehend them and understand what plausible measures could be taken in order to accomplish them." "My favourite part of the day was the natural disasters, as those required the most practical problem solving and teamwork." and a reflection of what was learnt "On the group 4 day my group and I used economic developments in the village to increase the sustainability of the village and alleviate some of the struggles of an impoverished village by buying game changers with the money made from the increasing economy. An example of this was the game changer that provided the village with fresh drinking water, something which is necessary for a village to escape poverty. I learned, on a small, simplified scale, how poor societies and societies develop into sustainable and economically stable ones."

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